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RENTAL GEAR Motor City Scuba

Motor City Scuba has a complete fleet of scuba diving gear available for rental. Please call for rates and packages.

  • Scuba Cylinder (Tank)
  • SCUBAPRO Regulator Systems
  • SCUBAPRO Buoyancy Compensator
  • SCUBAPRO XP10 Dive Computer
  • SCUBAPRO Wetsuits
  • SCUBAPRO Dry Suits
  • Fourth Element Undergarment - Xerothem and Artic

We offer a large selction of scuba tanks:

  • Tank w/Air or EANx
  • Steel 77s
  • Aluminum 80s
  • Steel 72s (Training Only)
  • Al40 - Sling Bottles (Pony and Stage/DECO)
  • Doubles: LP108, HP100 and LP77 (Training Only)

It is mandatory to have successfully completed a scuba course or be enrolled in a course with Motor City Scuba to rent any scuba gear from Motor City Scuba.

Please read the user manual before using any scuba product. The manual must be understood entirely before using scuba gear. When diving allows, follow the rules taught in your certification course. A user manual alone does not replace a diving instruction course.

  Regulator User Manual   BC User Manual   SCUBAPRO Aladin Computer User Manual   Dry Suit User Manual   Wetsuit User Manual

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