• Extended Range

Extended Range

This is class is usually not offered as a stand-alone course.  Typically offered in conjunction with Trimix or as remediation for a student needing more guidance on carrying two deco bottles. 

Certain areas of the world provide spectacular dives at depths deeper than 130 feet but you will not have access (or very limited access) to helium. The TDI Extended Range course teaches you the proper techniques for utilizing compressed air as a breathing gas and with a maximum depth of 180 feet you won’t have to miss those dives. The Extended Range course will cover topics and skills such as

  • Equipment requirements and configuration
  • Decompression options
  • Use of surface marker buoys
  • Buddy rescue
  • Narcosis checks and management

Student Prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Certified as a TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver (or equivalent)
  • Certified as a TDI Decompression Procedures Diver (or equivalent)
  • Provide proof of a minimum 100 logged dives of which 25 must be deeper than 100 feet

Qualifications of Graduates:

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in decompression diving activities
without direct supervision provided:

  • The diving activities approximate those of training
  • The areas of activities and environmental conditions approximate those of training

Graduates maybe able to enroll in:

  • TDI Trimix
  • TDI Advanced Wreck

Technical course prices do not include gas, charter fees or quarry fees. 


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