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8 Ways To Make Your Tank Last Longer

“How much air you got left?”  This is a question repeated multiple times after a dive.  Some people dread this question, some people see it as some kind of competition.   It is certainly not a competition and your answer should not cause you duress....  but […]

Sea Lion Hitches A Ride On A Turtle

A baby sea lion hops on a sea turtle's back for a ride in the Galápagos Islands. Do not try this at home! Use Uber instead.

Sea Turtle Nesting At Nat Geo

Who doesn't love the cuddly sea turtles? In this Nat Geo video, Olive Ridley sea turtles come ashore in the annual mass-nesting event called an "arribada." Turtle eggs are under threat even while they are being laid. It's a struggle of nature to get enough hatchlings, […]