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Scubapro Computer Upgrade

Equipment Mike COMMENTS 13 Apr, 2018

Save up to $150 when you Trade-Up to the super-intuitive multiple mode, Bluetooth enabled power of SCUBAPRO Dive Computers.  

SCUBAPRO G2 . With its sleek, ergonomic design, multiple modes to adapt to any skill level, a vivid, data-rich customizable digital display and Bluetooth capabilities, there’s simply no dive computer that can deepen the dive experience like the SCUBAPRO G2. Especially now. Just bring in your old dive computer and you’ll receive $150 off a new G2 (wrist) or G2C (console); or $50 to $100 off most other SCUBAPRO dive computers. 

SCUBAPRO makes receiving $150 off a new G2 dive computer in-store easy and hassle-free in three simple steps.

  1. Bring your old dive computer into Motor City Scuba
  2. Purchase a qualiying SCUBAPRO dive computer and fill out the upgrade form
  3. Receive $150 off your G2 purchase or $50 to $100 off most other SCUBAPRO dive computers.

Upgrade Savings
G2 Complete - $150 
G2C - $150
G2 Wrist - $150
Z1 - $100
Galileo Luna Complete - $100
M2 - $100
Aladin Sport Matrix - $75
Aladin H w/QR - $75
Luna Wrist - $50


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