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Dive Flags And Michigan

Education Mike 16 Jul, 2018

Use of Dive Flag

  • The blue and white Alpha flag is usually flown in international waters from a boat.
  • Divers down red flag with a diagonal white stripe is typically flown in North American waters.
  • Most locations require a flag to be flown when divers are in the water.

Michigan Law regarding Dive Flags:


  • Any person diving or submerging in any of the waters of this state with the aid of a diving suit or other mechanical diving device shall place a buoy or boat in the water at or near the point of submergence. The buoy or boat shall bear a red flag not less than 14 inches by 16 inches with a 3-1/2 inch white stripe running from 1 upper corner to a diagonal lower corner. The flag shall be in place only while actual diving operations are in progress. A vessel shall not be operated within 200 feet of a buoyed diver's flag unless it is involved in tendering the diving operation. A person diving shall stay within a surface area of 100 feet of the diver's flag.

Source: Michigan Compiled Laws Complete


  • Divers should use common sense; avoid high boat traffic areas and always display a diver down flag when diving.

Source: State of Michigan Buoys and markers - what they mean

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