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EXPLORATION SPECIALITIES There is so much more to explore underwater

Learn what more there is to explore underwater!

Now that you are a certified diver, your exploration options have now expanded in the underwater world. Gain more experience to be able to dive deeper, navigate and explore a shipwreck underwater, or learn how to speed around underwater while driving a diver propulsion vehicle. There are many options available to meet the exploration interests of everyone!

SDI Exploration Specialty Courses:

  • SDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle 
  • SDI Search and Recovery Diver
  • SDI Underwater Navigation
  • SDI Wreck Diver
  • SDI Sidemount Diver 
  Start Date Course Type End Date  
26 Sep 2021 Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV Diver) - SDI 26 Sep 2021

Scuba IQ Review
Sun 26 Sep 2021
09:00 AM
30 minutes
White Star Quarry
Dive 1
Sun 26 Sep 2021
09:30 AM
60 minutes
White Star Quarry
Dive 2
Sun 26 Sep 2021
11:30 AM
60 minutes
White Star Quarry

Rental of DPV included in course price.

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