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HYPERBARIC CHAMBER DIVE 2019 Go For A 110' Dry Dive In A Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric chamber dry dive

Dive to 110 feet without getting wet.

Have the genuine experiences of a 110' dive—

  • the pressure increase
  • necessity for clearing your ears
  • the rise in air temperature
  • the increase in air density
  • the change in the speed of sound
  • the demonstrated narcotic effect of oxygen and nitrogen under pressure
all without getting wet.

It's a unique experience that you won't soon forget , unless you are particularly sensitive to narcosis.

  Start Date Price  
Saturday 09 Feb 2019
US$ 85.00

Staff: Richard Stavoe Jr Laurene Horiszny

  • Places Available: 8
  • Our Price: US$ 85.00

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