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PADI MULTILEVEL DIVER The PADI Multilevel Diver Course

The PADI Multilevel Diver Course

COURSE PRICE & DURATION: $139 / 1 Day Buy Course Online PREREQUISITES: PADI Open Water Diver certification 15 (12 for Junior AOW)
COURSE CONTENTS: Minimum 3 dives Land Drills Open Water Drills
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Surface marker buoy REQUIRED TEXTS: PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
LINKS: Medical questionnaire (pdf)

Maximize your dive time so you can explore more!

In this course, you learn how to plan dives that extend your bottom time by crediting you for slower nitrogen absorption when you ascend to a shallower depth. After all, that’s the way you really dive.

The Fun Part

This is a great way to learn how to make multilevel dives even if you forget to bring your dive computer.

What You Learn

You'll learn what multilevel diving is and why you want to plan for multilevel dives. You'll also get to see the various types of multilevel dive calculators (including dive computers), as well as learn about multilevel dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques, and potential problems. You'll plan a multilevel dive profile and dive it with your PADI Instructor.

You learn how to:

  • Plan and execute multilevel dives (different depths on the same dive)
  • Back up your dive computer and plan multilevel dives
  • Maximize your no stop time

Your Next Adventure

Multilevel diving is often conducted while deep diving or wreck diving. Multilevel diving combined with Enriched Air Nitrox provides the longest no-stop dive times possible.


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