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Scubapro Z1 Dive Computer

Equipment Shell COMMENTS09 Feb, 2018
Available in store only.
Have you heard? SCUBAPRO just released another dive computer and this time...it's solar charged! 
The Z1 is ultra-modern, eco-friendly, and uniquely SCUBAPRO. A reliable timepiece for topside use and a ruggedly built dive computer for underwater exploration, the Z1 offers a stylish design, an intuitive menu system, and a long list of technical features to make each dive an underwater experience to remember. With its innovative solar charging system, the Z1 takes its place among the many innovative “green” products that demonstrate SCUBAPRO Cares – and their commitment to our planet.
Some of those fantastic features are: 
  • Easy to Read: Clear characters with green highlights and a bright LED backlight can be activated by simply tilting your arm. 
  • Simple to Use: Four clearly labeled control buttons take you through the intuitive menu system.  Bluetooth® Enabled: Don’t worry where you left your download cable; dive data can be downloaded wirelessly to iOS and Android devices.   
  • Versatile & Durable: A full-featured watch and an easy to use computer. Its lightweight construction is a hybrid of stainless steel and polyacrylate resin. 
  • Powered by the Sun: When exposed to any type of light, the Z1’s internal battery is charging. No more charging cords or electrical outlets; nomore battery disposal.   
  • Goes Where you Do: Scuba, Freediving and Gauge modes with the capability to accommodate 4 gases. Perfect for Traveling Divers: Imagine where you can go without the need to recharge.





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