• 11-Day Socorro Pelagic Adventure

11-Day Socorro Pelagic Adventure

11-days on the Solmar V
8 days of diving in the Socorro Islands
Pelagics, Giant Mantas, Sharks, Dolphins
. . . and much more
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Socorro Island diving has become one of the most popular live aboard diving experiences in the world! Socorro Islands have been compared to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador or Cocos Island in Costa Rica because of the big animal encounters they provide, such as giant mantas, humpback whales, playful dolphins, tuna and over 7 shark species give you the best animal diving on earth!
Fly to Cabo and we will take over the rest. Experience the best dives of your life in one of the best diving destinations in the world.


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Socorro Island is usually our second stop on our Revillagigedo diving adventure. This island is about 30 miles south of San Benedicto and is about 10 miles by 9 miles in size and is home to the Mexican Naval Station since 1957. We usually visits dive sites here which include the Aquarium, Punta Tosca and Cabo Pearce

San Benedicto Island has two prominent peaks, one that is very obviously a volcanic crater. One of our diver’s favorite sites here is “El Boiler”, a large pinnacle that reaches from the depths to within several feet of the surface. Its small enough to swim around several times in one dive and is large enough to be a favorite gathering point, attracting marine life from miles around. The Boiler is known as the home of the world-famous Giant Pacific Manta, this diving spot is perfect for up-close and personal encounters. These gentle creatures can grow to a wingspan of over twenty feet!


Roca Partida attracts pelagics and large schools of jacks and tuna. Beneath the surface the wall drops straight down to deep water. There are many shelves and ridges that give refuge to the animals that hide there. At about 40′ there are large caves where groups of whitetip sharks can be found sleeping most of the time. Depending on the current, is possible to swim around the pinnacle several times in the course of one dive. Other times divers prefer to just hang out in one area and watch the pelagics swim by.

The 112-foot Solmar V accommodates up to 22 guests in 12 spacious staterooms.

All meals, snacks and beverages are provided.


  • It is recommended to overnight April 4, 2023 before charter in Cabo San Lucas


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