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    Have you always wanted to scuba dive? This is where your adventure starts.
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    Certification Dives

    Apply your new dive skills outside the pool. You're on your way to a lifetime of fun and adventure.
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    Advanced Buoyancy

    Save your air and dive like a professional with the skills you'll learn in this great course.
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    Advanced Adventure

    Get introduced to new types of scuba adventures. A great opportunity to build your skills and gain more confidence.
  • Scubapro Computer UpgradeScubapro Computer Upgrade

    Scubapro Computer Upgrade

    Save up to $150 when you Trade-Up to the super-intuitive multiple mode, Bluetooth enabled power of SCUBAPRO […]
  • Scubapro A700: Like A DiamondScubapro A700: Like A Diamond

    Scubapro A700: Like…

    SCUBAPRO’s A700 second stage, with its metal casing, screw-down casing cover and metal valve housing, […]
  • Scubapro C370 RegulatorScubapro C370 Regulator

    Scubapro C370 Regulator

    SCUBAPRO C370 - New Air Balanced 2nd Stage Delivers Top Performance and Bulletproof Reliability in a Lightweight, […]
  • The Diver’s Answer To Jaw Fatigue…The Diver’s Answer To Jaw Fatigue…

    The Diver’s Answer…

    Breathing from a regulator at 50 feet for 45 minutes or more on a repetitive basis is not a natural act. […]
  • Bonne Terre 2018 ReportsBonne Terre 2018 Reports

    Bonne Terre 2018 Reports

    STEVE K -- I look at all dive trips as a 50/50 endeavor--50% is the actual dive experience and the other […]
  • Scubapro Computer UpgradeScubapro Computer Upgrade

    Scubapro Computer Upgrade

    Save up to $150 when you Trade-Up to the super-intuitive multiple mode, Bluetooth enabled power of SCUBAPRO […]
  • Certification Level EquivalencyCertification Level Equivalency

    Certification Level…

    PADI and SDI and SSI and Tigers and Lions and Bears.. oh mySPORT DIVER EQUIVALENCES FROM DIVE TRAINING AGENCIES, […]
  • Motor City Scuba: Steps To Get CertifiedMotor City Scuba: Steps To Get Certified

    Motor City Scuba: Steps…

    Learn about the different steps you need to take in order to get scuba certified! Getting certified is easy […]


Motor City Scuba provides a full range of Technical Diving International (TDI), Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) scuba diving education programs. We are Michigan's largest SCUBAPRO Dealer and only SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealer. We stock a complete selection of the world's best scuba equipment. We provide our customers with worldwide dive experience opportunities, while encouraging aquatic environmental responsibility. We excel in providing professional, quality services to divers and we actively promote the benefits of recreational scuba diving, snorkeling, dive travel, and environmental protection. Motor City Scuba offers customers the choice between TDI/SDI and PADI system of diver education, and offers regular continuing education programs to ensure divers have the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge.

At Motor City Scuba we are committed to providing customer satisfaction along with great scuba training, advice, equipment and support. Meeting your goals is our goal.

Whether you are about to become a diver or are interested in further developing your diving skills, we have the instructors at Motor City Scuba who can teach you using proven techniques in a fun environment. We'll make your introductory scuba experiences memorable. We'll take you to the very best scuba diving destinations around the globe. We'll explore the best shipwreck diving in the world with you, right here in our Great Lakes. If you're into extreme diving, we'll even teach you mixed-gas, deep technical diving or rebreather diving.

We are active instructors, as well as owners. We love what we do—and we think it shows.

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