SDI Course Paperwork

General Forms for SCUBA DIVING INTERNATIONAL students. These forms are required for every SDI course. A current version of Adobe reader will be needed to open these forms. 

Learn to Dive Course

If you are enrolled in our Learn to Scuba Dive Program (the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver program) these are the forms you need to fill out and bring to class with you.

SDI Speciality Diving Courses and Refresher program

Students enrolled in Professional courses, the Solo Diver course or Non-Diving Opertation courses please contact your instructor for the correct paperwork requirements.

Filling out the Medical Questionniare:

Diving Medical Guidance to the Physician: Link to UHMS Site


When creating your account, keep in mind:

  1. A unique, valid email must be entered for each and every profile. The email address is the database’s primary identifier for profiles and controls much of the diver’s access to their profile as well as communication.
  2. Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation should be considered when entering any profile information. Profile information is pulled when generating names on cards or addresses on mailing labels and when communicating with divers. The information in the profile is printed on certification cards and mailing labels, so incorrect profile information can result in misspelled names on cards, lost mail, and failed communication.
  3. The picture entered in a diver’s profile will be printed on their card. For this reason, they should be “passport-style” photos that can be used for identification purposes – please no sunglasses, masks, underwater photos, cartoon characters, logos, or anything else that would not allow the diver to be recognized when presenting the card in a dive center.


TDI Course Paperwork

General forms for TDI courses. Technical Diving Students: