• Visual Inspection Procedures

Visual Inspection Procedures

This Cylinder Inspection Course is designed to promote safety in the care and maintenance of high-pressure scuba cylinders.

The VIP program is intended to demonstrate to the scuba industry, a need to meet and exceed the minimum standards established by the Code of Federal Regulations. In addition, it is intended to train inspectors in the proper handling, filling, and inspection techniques, including the identification of the various defective conditions that can lead to cylinder rejection or condemnation. The course will also cover the operation and repair of valves, cleaning and maintenance and the operation of high pressure compressor systems. 

Who this course is for:

Individuals that:

  • Wish to know more about the visual inspection procedures used in the compressed gas industry, not just scuba
  • Wish to know how to properly handle high pressure cylinders
  • Will be working with high pressure cylinders as part of their employment

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18

What you can expect to learn:

The Visual Inspections Procedures course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

  • Purpose - Legal requirements, standards of the community
  • Safe handling of cylinders
  • Tools and their uses
  • Visual inspection indications
  • Criteria for rejection and condemnation of a cylinder
  • The basis for cylinder cleaning
  • Visual inspection procedures - Step by step walk-through of the inspection process

What’s in it for you?

Upon successful completion of this course graduates may:

  • Visually inspect high-pressure scuba cylinders for defective conditions that could cause a cylinder failure
  • Train cylinder handlers in the safe methods of handling, transporting and storage of high-pressure scuba cylinders


Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

The eLearning code is included in this course.  The code will be emailed to you when your enrollment is complete.  The student manual is optional but highly recommended; the student manual can be purchased the day of the course.  The ITI Air Fill Station course is included in this program.   

A requalification course is required every 3 years.


Instructor progam also available.  Please contact Mike for details and enrollement. 
Instructor Program Prerequisites

  1. Minimum age 21.
  2. Minimum certification, SDI Assistant Instructor or Non-Diving Specialty Instructor:
    1. Non – diving professionals with the written permission of SDI. 
  3. Affiliated with an organization that has a high-pressure air compressor and fill station.
  4. Provide proof of having inspected at least 50 high-pressure cylinders. Proof will be in the form of the completion of written visual inspection documents.
  5. Visual Inspector for a minimum of 6 months

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