• ITI Crossover

ITI Crossover

Teach Scuba Diving and more with International Training

Over the last few years, more and more scuba diving professionals have been taking a closer look at the different options available through International Training.

From recreational sport diving to cutting-edge technical training, freediving, CPR, 1st Aid training and on through public safety diving practices, International Training has a training solution for you.

  • Scuba Diving International (SDI)
  • Technical Diving International (TDI)
  • Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI)
  • Performance Freediving International (PFI)
  • First Response Training International (FRTI)
  • All  the agencies work as standalone training, or in conjunction, based on the educator's needs.

Technical Diving International
TDI is the leader in technical diving and has been since 1994. TDI offers a wide choice of programs available to continue your technical diver training. Technical Diving International was one of the first agencies of its kind. It’s focus was and still is on providing training materials and education for specialized diving situations ranging from Nitrox to Closed Circuit Rebreathers, as well as for overhead environments such as caves and wrecks.

Scuba Diving International
Whether you’re trying scuba for the first time, becoming a certified diver, adding to your diving abilities, or becoming a dive professional, SDI has the course that is right for you. From day one of your Scuba Diving International experience you will notice that you are plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry… worldwide! 

Emergency Response Diving International
ERDI public safety diver training program delivers specialized training that is intended to prepare PSD team members for the rigors of this type of demanding diving. Conditions are often harsh, pressure to perform high, and risks many and widely varied. The training offered by sport agencies and even technical diving agencies does not address the very highly specialized needs of the typical PSD team. 

Performance Freediving International
PFI offers recreational, professional, and skill development courses to fit all freediving abilities, goals, and needs. Whether you have no water experience or decades of it, we guarantee that taking a PFI course will make you a more efficient, and more confident diver.

First Response Training International
FRTI  is a world class organization providing training for layperson rescuers in schools, businesses, and public areas. We proudly offer cutting edge curriculums designed to prepare individuals to handle emergency situations and save lives. 

Contact Mike Poggione with your questions. 
Mike Poggione - International Training - SDI | TDI | ERDI | PFI (tdisdi.com)


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