Learn to Scuba Dive with Motor City Scuba

Learn To Dive

Learn to Dive with the Motor City Scuba If you've always wanted to learn to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wonderful world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. It's the best scuba class in Michigan!  One of the highly qualified instructors from Motor City Scuba will guide y... Find Out More

Open Water Certification Dives

Finish your Open Water Certification with Motor City Scuba. You learned your scuba skills in the pool. Now, it's time to dive.  You will be guided and evaluated by one of Motor City Scuba's professional instructors during your four certification dives.  You'll have a great time and enjoy t... Find Out More

Summer Accelerated Program: Learn to Dive & Certification Dives

Our Summer Accelerated Program combines online training, two interactive classroom sessions, two pool sessions and four certification dives over just two weekends packed with fun! This program is only offered during the summer and space is limited.   Summer Accelerated Program: Learn to Dive &... Find Out More

Learn to Dive - Japanese

Motor City Scubaでダイビングを始めましょう! ダイバーになって、新しい冒険を始めませんか?ミシガンNo.1のダイビングショップ「Motor City Scuba」と一緒に、水中の景色を体験しましょう。 お一人のご参加でも、すぐに仲間が見つかりま... Find Out More