• River Diver

River Diver

The SDI River diving course aquaints a diver with the necessary procedures and knowledge to safely dive in the rivers. The focus of this specialty is on how to handle different types of river conditions.  

Course prerequisites:

  • SDI Drift Diver or equivalent
  • Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent

What you can expect to learn:

The SDI Drift Diver Course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

  • Dive Planning
    • Map of River
    • Compass Review
    • Navigation
  • Emergency Procedures
    • Surface emergencies, no SCUBA
    • SCUBA emergencies
    • Rescue procedures
    • Review of lifesaving skills'
  • River Diving Procedures
    • Set up
    • Fresh water buoyancy
    • Navagation aids
    • Land marks
    • Site assessment
    • Special procedures
  • Diving Procedures
    • Usa of the dive flag
    • Float handling and line attachment
    • Tidal/estuary zone considerations
    • Buddy procedures
  • Things to do in the river
    • Underwater collecting and hunting
    • Photography

What’s in it for you?

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in diving activities without direct supervision of the SDI Instructor* so long as the following limits are adhered to:

The diving activities approximate those of training
The areas of activities approximate those of training
Environmental conditions approximate those of training
Also, the SDI River Diver Certification counts towards a single specialty rating to achieve the SDI Advanced Diver Development Program.

SDI River Diver minimum requirements:

Complete two open water river dives to a maximum depth no greater than 18 metres / 60 feet
On the second dive the students must execute the skills learned on the first dive such as: planning, demonstrating and executing the skills they learned from the first dive


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